Our Story

F.J. Kashanian is a family owned and run business who has been creating hand-knotted rugs for four generations. Currently the firm is managed by Firouz Kashanian and his son Jonathan. And Firouz's wife Gilda, is the company's lead rug designer. From 1926 to 1979 the company was the largest exporter of hand-knotted rugs from Iran to Europe, mainly Italy and Germany. In 1963, the business was so strong in Germany that, Firouz Kashanian, moved to Hamburg and opened a showroom which taught him and the family the wholesale and design side of the business adhering to European culture and colors. This helped his transition to United States of America in 1979 where he opened his first American location in New York City. Today, F.J. Kashanian is synonymous with eye-catching beautiful rugs and impeccable quality. And their unique style has not been overlooked within the home decor industry; F.J. Kashanian has been the recipient of an America's Magnificent Carpet Award ten times which is most by any hand-made rug company.

What sets F.J .Kashanian Apart?

The Kashanian family has been creating area rugs for over 150 years. From Persian designs to Sari Silk and contemporary styles of today, F.J. Kashanian has seen and understands the trends of the market and has mastered the craft of rug designing and making. Gilda Kashanian, the lead designer of F.J. Kashanian, says "we know that color is life and that it's one of the main ingredients to having beautiful rugs."

Every season, F.J. Kashanian, introduces new designs and more importantly new colors. As being family owned and run they put their hearts in every rug. So every detail and every color count, and all Kashanian pieces are heavily inspected overseas and when they arrive in the United States. The F.J. Kashanian signature is to always ensure that every rug is perfect because they feel as if the customer is family. The Kashanian family is unique because they see themselves as creators of the new generation of rugs, combining classic patterns with contemporary colors to create refined styles with a fresh modern spin.

"We are very proud of our history and very thankful to the customers that allow us to continue to write it"

-The Kashanian Family